m'lis Detoxification Kit

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m'lis detoxification kit
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Detoxification is one of the most  important factors in the promotion of good health and disease prevention. The M’lis Detoxification Kit, helps the body to cleanse itself of toxins, mucus and other waste materials in the intestinal tract and major vital organs, improving the way they function. This not only restores new energy to the vital organs, but to the entire body as well.

Detoxification can be part of a health maintenance and prevention program when used 3-4 times per year. Though it is not a “cure-all”, it is a positive way to start addressing many undesirable body conditions, such as allergies, acne, arthritis, skin problems, cellulite, obesity, etc.

Features and Benefits:

  • An increase in energy
  • The digestive tract can rid itself of accumulated waste and putrefied bacteria
  • Typical weight loss is between 2-8 lbs. of water and waste during a 3 day cleanse
  • The peristaltic action of the colon is strengthened
  • A mental clarity occurs
  • Physical dependency on habit-forming substances such as refined sugar, caffeine, nicotine,
    alcohol and drugs is greatly diminished
  • The stomach has a chance to return to normal size, making it easier to control the quantity
    of food eaten

Detoxification Kit Includes:

  • DETOX Body Purifier
  • CLEANSE Intestinal Cleanser

Concentrated Formula Contains:

Please view the above listed products individual short sheets for an in-depth ingredient listing.

Suggested Use:  Follow the directions listed within the Detoxification Kit.

Sizes Available:  1 Box (Includes 3 full size supplements)

m'lis cleanse natural therapy

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