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M'lis Certified Cleanse

A cornerstone piece of the industry-leading M’lis Detoxification Kit, this all-natural herbal remedy promotes the elimination of harmful toxins to improve your complexion and enhance your well-being
m'lis Heat Exercise Gel

M’lis HEAT applied before exercise, improves pre-exercise stretching and encourages mobility and circulation throughout a workout. The ingredients in M’lis HEAT are scientifically formulat
m'lis Hydrate Skin Serum Drops

Hyaluronic Acid, the main ingredient in M’lis HYDRATE skin serum is a naturally occurring part of the human skin like collagen and elastin. This liquid is a component of connective tissue whose

Wild salmon oil does not suffer from the faults that plague traditional fish oils. A salmon’s cold-water habitat and relatively short lifespan dramatically reduce the exposure to common environm
M'lis Detox Body Purifier

Detox Body Purifier helps cleanse your circulatory, lymphatic and respiratory systems as part of a M’lis Detoxification Kit or can be used on its own to strengthen your immune system every day.  De
m'lis Repair Tissue Repair Creme

Originally formulated to minimize scar tissue formation following surgery, REPAIR can help to reverse the scarring process and diminish most types of newly formed scar tissue. REPAIR helps with all ty
m'lis Daily Antioxidant Essentials

Getting your daily dose of nutritious super foods has never been so easy. Each serving of M’lis Daily Antioxidant Essentials, is packed with the essential vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and ph

** Professional Use Only ** A superior lifting and tightening facial masque that stimulates cell renewal without dehydrating. M’lis LIFT draws imbedded impurities out of the pores of the skin th
m'lis fiber

This unique combination of soluble and insoluble fiber prevents uncomfortable bowel movements like constipation and diarrhea as part of the M’lis Detoxification Kit.  Fiber improves weight loss, re
m'lis Soothe Anti-Inflammatory Gel

Calms muscle and nerve pain through natural ingredients that increase circulation and reduce the inflammatory response of the tissue. SOOTHE warms up the area by increasing circulation, and then cools